Greetings from our Funder - Mr. Allan Lo

He graduated from Department of Economics, Fu-Jen Catholic University

    Hanyin Cram School
    Taiwan Association for Future Leaders
    Hanyin Education Consulting Inc.
    Columbia International College Taiwan
    Hanyin Bilingual School
    Canada Education International Boarding Centre
    HECI Summer Camp
    Hanyin Enterprise
    Beijing Hanyin Education Consulting Inc


    "With a Solid footing in Taiwan, my main business focus has always been in education. My stress is on creativity, competence and knowledge in all aspects of our work. The fore maion components of my philosophy are that I am professional, authoritative, responsible and consistent."

    For twenty years, the Chairman's main focus has been multicultural education, from Taiwan to Canada, China and the world. His goal is to provide incomparable opportunities for all students interested in pursuing higher education. Currently, He operate in four main domains across the world.
    With the idea of globalization in mind, the Hanyin Group first set foot onto the international market by organizing field trips for Taiwanese students. Continual spreading of the franchise in an international direction is the goal for the future.
    There is currently one organization internationally: Beijing Po-Chun Franchise Co. Building a brighter future for Chinese citizens all around the world has always been Hanyin Group's focus. We hope we can continue to branch out and expand our base in the future to better serve our customers.